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.jpgVadim Mesyats – project leader. Poet, prose writer, publisher. He was born in 1964 in the city of Tomsk, graduated from the Tomsk University physics department, has PhD in physics and mathematics. In 1993–2003 – Russian-American cultural program coordinator at the Stevens College. Mesyats is winner of New Voices in Poetry and prose award(1991, USA), Bunin prize (2005), Bazhov award (2002), made a shortlist for the Booker Prize (2002), etc. He is a member of the Union of Russian Writers, “Writers in emigration” American branch of PEN club (New York), “International PEN-center” (Moscow), chairperson of the “Center of contemporary literature” at the Russian Academy of Sciences Research Council. Mesyats was instrumental in creating the “Center of contemporary literature”. Poems and prose were translated into English, German, Italian and other languages. He is the author of four novels, three collections of short stories, over ten collections of poetry published in Russian and abroad.

.jpgAndrey Tavrov – poetry series editor, Gvideon magazine editor-in-chief. Graduated from the Moscow State University Philology Department, majoring in Russian Philology. He works for “Radio Russia” and also is the poetic series editor-in-chief at the Russian Gulliver publishing house. He is a member of the PEN-club and the Union of Moscow Writers. Tavrov is the author of poetic works pursuing and enriching the poetic manner of materialism, and also novels and essays dealing with various aspects of poetry. Major poetry publications are: “Samurai” (Argo-Risk, 2007), “Dante project” (Vodoley, 2014); Novels: “A Doll by the name of Dolly” and “Papillon” (both in Eksmo, in 2008), “Son of Man” (Eksmo, 2014), as well collections of memoirs and articles.

.jpgLera Manovich – prose series editor. Poet, prose writer, Master of Mathematics. She was born in the city of Voronezh, where she graduated from the University and later from the Gorky Literature Institute. She is a member of the Union of Moscow Writers, published in such literary journals as Arion, Druzhba narodov, Ural, as well as in various literary collections. She authored a book “The First and other stories”. Manovich was the International Voloshin award winner (2015). Lives in Moscow.

faray-1.jpgK. S. Farai – classic (ancient) series editor. Poet, professional translator, publisher, Russian Gulliver classic series editor-in-chief, was born in 1971 in Moscow. He was one of the originators of Russian literature internet. He is the author of seven poetry books. He is also known for his published translations of W. Blake, W. Whitman, T. S. Eliot, E. Pound, J. Morrison. He was a nominator for the almost forgotten now literary contest “Teneta-Rinet’ 2000”, and was one of the founders of the “Limb” literary society. He lives in Moscow.

8558eb9de3ef95d459880ea609d9e071.jpgEkaterina Perchenkova – Russian Gulliver editorial manager. E. Perchenkova was born in 1982 in the town of Zhukovsky, Moskow oblast. From 1999 to 2004 she was a student at the Moscow State University, department of History, and in 2004-2005 – the Gorky Literature Institute student (department of prose, class of Ruslan Kireev). In 2011 Perchenkova made a Debut award shortlist in “poetry” category.

.jpgSergey Moreino – the Geography of Translation series editor. Poet, prose writer, translator. He was born in 1964 in Moscow, lives in Latvia since 1987. Member of the Union of Latvian writers. Sergey graduated from the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute. He writes in Russian and Latvian, translates from Latvian, Polish and German (G. Eich, G. Benn, I. Bobrowski , P. Celan, Cz. Miłosz, Z. Herbert, A. Čaks, U. Stolterfoht and others). Moreino is the winner of the “Russian Prize” award (2008), Translation House Looren award (2016); longlisted for the “Master” awards of the Guild of Translators (2014-2015). Moreino holds various translation workshops.

Valery Zemskikh, Michail Pogarsky, Irina Usacheva are the project art-designers.



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