Book serirs and projects

 .jpgAcademic project:
Gullivers of modern Russian literature. Poetry. Prose. Essays. Summary books. This series includes publishing books of Ivan Zhdanov, Aleksey Parschikov, Ilya Kutik, Vladimir Gandelsman, Anatoly Barzakh, Zinovy Zinik and other authors defining the Russian literature environment.

 .jpgPoetry series: Gullivers of modern Russian poetry – looking around for the best. Overview series introducing a wide variety of modern authors, from the young ones, like Alexandra Tsybulya and Gala Uzryutova to such veterans like Sergey Biryukov and Valdemar Veber.

 .jpg“Russian Gulliver” suburban blues series deals with short innovative prose such as the stories by Marianna Geide, Lera Manovich, Georgy Ball and others.

 .jpgHumanities studies: everything about culture. Russian Gulliver outlook. This series includes works of Nataliya Gorbanevsky, Yury Kazarin, Stefan Krasovutsky, Irina Rodnyansky, Zinaida Mirkina and other scholars.

 .jpgClassic (ancient) series: this series includes publications of Sextus Propertius’s “The Love Elegies” recently translated by Gregory Starikovsky, “The Epigrams “ of Marcus Valerius Martial translated by Afanasy fet and G. M. Sever and others.

 .jpgMemorial series: books of the authors long gone and underappreciated while alive.



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