It is awarded to authors working in fiction writing.
премия 2015.jpgThe short story as a genre is now almost unclaimed either in the modern publishing process or in the system of recognition awards. Today’s flash fiction is a special genre that, on the one hand, is most appropriate to the contents of the time and, on the other hand, bridges over the contents. It is not a viscous mirror image of life, but a flash, a bright echo of the music of being.

A story may contain more than the sparse narrative of a novel. A well-told story is always a transfer of human and metaphysical experience, the will of the narrator, humbled and rebellious at the same time, rethinking and, ultimately, motivation to action, which is just the ideal goal of literary work.

Judging panel: Aleksei Ostudin (Chairman; poet, prose writer), Vladislav Otroshenko (prose writer) Farid Nagim (prose writer), Lera Manovich and Dmitry Kalmykov (prose writer). First place in the Flash Story category: Aleksei Antonov and Irina Batakova. First place in the Poet’s Prose category: Adel Khairov and Andrei Tavrov. Grand Prize of Russian Gulliver was awarded posthumously to Yuri Mamleev.

Based on the results of the prize season, Russian Gulliver has published the book FLASH STORY: Short Story Anthology that was presented at the awards ceremony. In 2016, Russian Gullliver is holding a contest for criticism and essays. Prize Announcement is scheduled for September 14, 2016.



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