It is awarded to authors working in poetry writing
премия2.jpgThe idea of language as a complex "system of signs", having become in due time a revolutionary concept of critical analysis, has led to the “impoverishment” of poetry as if it were stripped of sound. Culture becomes a formalized semiotic concept or a superstructure of social systems. In this paradigm, the nature of the word and its underlying form are perceived as an excess and arbitrariness.

Meanwhile, human language is linked to our evolutionary physiology; it is part of not only culture, but also of nature, as it connects us with the rest of the sounding world. Evolved into existence from the depths of time, the language may not be identical to any other artificial system of signs, be it computer codes, road signs, the Morse code, or Braille alphabet. Depletion of speech leads to the impoverishment of the soul and a distorted picture of the world.

The Prize is aimed at promoting "new musicality" in poetry. The Russian sound range of the XX century extended from Osip Mandelstam to Peter Mamonov, is implied as generating new meaning, image, or mythologem perceived from a written or printed page before its articulation; not reducible to acoustic plays of rhythms and phonemes. It is deeper and simpler: it is an absolute underlying form of poetry as the music of being.

Judging panel: Chairman Sergei Moreino (Chairman), Sergei Biryukov, poet (Germany), Ekaterina Simonova, poet (Russia), Yury Kazarin, poet (Russian), and David Patashinskii, poet (USA). Winners: Aleksandra Tsibulya (St. Petersburg) and Olga Dernova (Moscow). Winner of the prize for the contribution to the development of modern poetic language: Pyotr Cheigin (St. Petersburg). Winners of special prizes of the publishing project (contracts with Russian Gulliver Publishers for 2015): D. Veryasova (Moscow), M. Suvorova (Vologda), A. Petrushkin (Kyshtym), V. Nesterov (Yekaterinburg), and G. Uzryutova (Ulyanovsk). Winners of the Chaiman’s special prize: S. Mikhailov (Kaliningrad) and M. Shikhireva (Moscow).



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